About us

Beginning in 2021, the project brings together experts in sustainability and alternative economics, campaigners with national reach working on a green new deal in the UK, with creatives.

Led by UK charity Swarm Dynamics, an advisory group of campaign partners and experts engages in regular workshops for capacity building and knowledge sharing on system change policy and communication. A list of contributing experts and campaigners, and the organisations they represent can be found under Associations, further down this page. 

Central to the project is the generation of short animations, going deep into story and key framings about the more ambitious green new deal we need. The first phase is called ‘Green New Deal Reloaded’ comprising 2 informative animations, the first will be ready for release by end of quarter 3, 2021, followed by detailed learnings report to help other campaigners, by early quarter

All creative content will be under a Creative Commons non-commercial license, making it available for non-commercial use, with attribution, by a broader set of campaigners and change makers.


We have just released our first animation. Called ‘Jane and the Dark Cloud’ it has been rated 4.5 stars by Films for Action and trending there during the first week of COP26. You can view the film below. Thanks to our talented UK based animator Amber Cooper Davies.  

Read our report capturing the insights and intentions behind the framings and narrative approach we utilised in our animation. Drawing on theory and evidence of communicating climate and the even broader topic of system change to wider audiences: Comms Learnings Report – animation 1


In the downloadable resources below, you can find out more about the key transformations and reform sets touched upon in our animation, and what a ‘Green New Deal to change the system’ might look like in the UK and beyond. A short list of practical actions citizens can take to support progressive Green New Deal campaigns and get involved in key changes is also as the final resource at the end.


We gratefully acknowledge the input and project participation of an advisory group comprising the following people representing NGO campaigns:

Joe Redfern (UK Youth Climate Coalition), Ellen Lees (GND UK), Sara Reis (Women’s Budget Group), Miriam Brett (CommonWealth) and Amy McDonnell (CEE Bill alliance).

We also gratefully acknowledge the expert input from the following researchers participating in their personal capacity:

Professor Nicky Pouw (University of Amsterdam), Beth Stratford (University of Leeds), and Andrea Grainger (Labour for Green New Deal.)


Drop us a line if you’d like to get in touch about utilising our animations, or connecting with our project! 
We will aim to get back to you within a few days. 

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