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Green New Deal for System Change

What would a ‘system changing’ Green New Deal look like?
How might we weave powerful stories, disseminated via creative animation, to activate wider audiences about a more radical Green New Deal?
How can we shift the frame to help voters and politicians join the dots about the inseparability of climate justice, social justice, and the current failing economic model?
These are some of the guiding questions we are working on in our project.

Beginning in 2021, the project brings together experts in sustainability and alternative economics, campaigners with national reach working on a green new deal in the UK, with creatives. Led by UK charity Swarm Dynamics, an advisory group of campaign partners and experts engages in regular workshops for capacity and knowledge sharing on building on system change policy and communication. The partners and collaborators can be discovered below on this page. Central to the project is the generation of short animations, going deep into story and key framings about the more ambitious green new deal we need. The first phase is called ‘Green New Deal Reloaded’ comprising 2 informative animations, the first will be ready for release by end of quarter 3, 2021, followed by detailed learnings report to help other campaigners, by early quarter 4. All creative content will be under a creative commons license, meaning available for non-commercial use, with attribution, by a broader set of campaigners and change makers.


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